How all this works?

  1. We start with an initial consultation via phone, Skype or email to better understand your needs. We’ll send you some key questions to help streamline the concept development process.
  2. After you’ve chosen a video style, we move on to writing the script, which is the most critical element as it serves as the foundation for the entire process. Then we send you a draft for comments and necessary revisions and work together towards finalizing the script.
  3. After we have an approved script, we then proceed to create an illustration/storyboard outline. Once we receive your outline approval, we proceed to record the voice-over, select music and sound FX. We then send you the voice-over track for your review and feedback.
  4. We present drafts of the rough cut to you for comments along the way during the entire development process.
  5. I will upload the video into my Vimeo portfolio for you to see and provide feedback and revisions.
  6. After finalizing your changes and incorporating them in the video we will make the final render and send you the video through the Internet via YouSendIt.
In which formats are the final files delivered?

The final video will be delivered in a QuickTime HD video master file, Mobile .MP4 file (480×270), HD .MP4 file (1280×720) and SD .MP4 file (640×360)
Once your video is complete, you have the unique flexibility to post it and promote it on your Website, blog and social networks, create DVDs and loops for trade shows or broadcast it on TV. With YouTube’s phenomenal popularity and with search engines returning much more than just text results, you now have an excellent opportunity to get your video ranked on YouTube as well as the first page of Google.

How long does it take to produce a video?

A standard 1 to 3 minute video usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks to complete from concept to screen. We can expedite the work if faced with a tight deadline. However, working on a tight schedule can only work as long as there’s constant communication and timely client feedback during every stage of the production.

Who will own the rights to all completed work?

Our services are provided on a “for hire” basis, therefore you’ll own the rights to all completed work produced by me and paid by you.

Our production is confidential. Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?


What are your rates for revisions?

I don’t charge for revisions. If you’re satisfied with the completed production, I know for sure you’ll recommend our work to others when they’ll ask who produced your video. Also, each video project goes through different stages following a specific order and we don’t move on to the next phase until you’ve provided your feedback and approval of each specific step of the process, the script, voice-over, animations, etc.

Are there exceptions?

Yes. Sometimes, after a specific part of a project has been completed and approved, the client chooses to revise something that was previously approved for final production. In these cases, we may request an additional charge to cover the cost of all labor-intensive rounds of revisions.

How do I decide which video style to use?

It all depends on your individual tastes and needs. I can also suggest the video style that could best fit your project as per the detailed information you provide on our “Pre-Pro Questionnaire”.

We’re an advertising or marketing agency. Could we outsource our video work to you?

Absolutely. I work with production companies, marketing and ad agencies around the world.

Do you provide other production services? – e.g. Live-action TV commercials, Infomercials, Corporate videos, etc.

Yes, I do. From script to screen, I provide a full range of video production services. Over the years I have built an extensive network of filmmaking professionals that lets me shoot anywhere my clients choose.

For a quote on live-action TV commercials, Infomercials, hosted videos, corporate videos, etc., including shooting on location with crew and/or talents, locations, etc., please send me an email with project details.

Do you work exclusively with U.S. clients?

Absolutely not. I work with clients around the world and can easily produce a video with a British or Australian talent/ voice-over, or any other language or accent your project requires. I’m fully bilingual (English-Spanish) as well with proven knowledge and experience in the Hispanic market.